Follow Every Step of the Tomato's Complex Product Journey Through the Lens of Traceability

Today, it’s not just possible for food safety leaders to know every step a food item has taken along the supply chain—it’s a critical business imperative. At Trustwell, we partner with leading brands to implement traceability throughout their supply chain. To showcase the intricacy and granularity in end-to-end traceability, we created a summary of two possible journeys one of the most popular produce items could take: that of the tomato.

Download the infographic to view:

  • Supply chain complexity from farm to distribution and beyond, as tomatoes become tomato sauce or a fresh salad ingredient.
  • Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) throughout the product journey, from transformation events to points-of-sale.
  • How you can use traceability software like FoodLogiQ Traceability to track every point in a product's journey.