About the Demo

In their many forms, audits embody an essential practice for monitoring, managing, and upholding product consistency, brand quality, and regulatory compliance. Whether conducted firsthand, assigned to supply chain partners, or executed by a third party, audits enable organizations within the food industry to identify and address issues proactively while simultaneously delivering on brand promise. And while important in seemingly stable times, these exercises are even more vital in the face of uncertainty.

View Trustwell's presentation on digitizing your internal and external audit processes, as well as conducting audits virtually. Learn how to execute second and third-party audits from anywhere using FoodLogiQ Compliance, as well as dive into template flexibility, dynamic customization, and scheduling.
View the video to learn:
  • How to assign, perform and report on second and third-party audits among your supply chain partners
  • Designing customized audit templates and using flexible form logic to best fit your business needs
  • How to adjust your auditing practices for virtual scheduling, execution, and follow-up 
  • Distributing corrective actions for approval based on audit responses and results