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    Virtual reCONNECT 2023:
    Tech-Enabled Innovation & the Future of Food


    October 10-12, 2023

    Live & On Demand Sessions

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    Join us and discover the latest advancements reshaping the food industry at Trustwell’s 6th Annual reCONNECT Conference. This year, we're diving into cutting-edge themes that will transform the way we produce, distribute, and manage the food supply chain. Leaders across the supply chain are welcome to participate in these dynamic conversations that are shaping the future of food.


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    DAY 1: October 10, 2023

    Welcome  |  Live CEO and Keynote 

    12:30 PM ET – LIVE Welcome 

    Stephen Bruce | Chief Executive Officer, Trustwell
    Katy Jones | Chief Customer Officer, Trustwell 

    Join us for the opening presentation as we kick off the sixth annual reCONNECT 2023 with this presentation from our Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Bruce, and Chief Customer Officer, Katy Jones

    1:00 PM ET LIVE Keynote & PANEL DISCUSSION – Serving Up Trust: Transforming Food Industry Culture With Catalyst LLC

    Tia Glave | Co-Founder, Catalyst LLC
    Jill Stuber | Co-Founder, Catalyst LLC
    Katy Jones | Chief Customer Officer, Trustwell 

    How do you drive a strong, value-centric, and diverse food safety leadership culture? In this session, award-winning founders of Catalyst, Tia Glave and Jill Stuber kick off reCONNECT 2023 to talk through all things food industry leadership. This unstoppable team launched Catalyst in 2021 to drive world-class food safety and quality cultures that build strong leaders in technical food safety, people skills, and dynamic organizational management. Discover how they have helped leading food companies change to an inclusive leadership approach, spark transformation, and build sustainable food safety cultures—and dive into the reasons why a food safety program is only as good as those who lead it. Don’t miss this exclusive, strategic keynote Q&A session.


    On-Demand Sessions

    Fireside Chat: FSMA 204 - Planning for a Safer, Traceable Future 

    Angela Fields | Senior Consumer Safety Officer for the Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation Network (CORE), FDA 
    Julie McGill | VP of Supply Chain Strategy & Insights, Trustwell  

    As the deadline for FSMA 204 approaches, companies are evaluating impacted items, and ramping up to implement changes across their supply chains. Understanding FSMA 204 requirements is crucial for companies as they prepare for compliance. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of the final rule, share industry best practices, and review roles as this covers domestic, as well as foreign firms producing food for U.S. consumption, along the entire farm-to-table continuum. Join us for this engaging session with Angela Fields, FDA CORE Response Team 3.  

    A New Era in Data Carriers: 1D, 2D, RFID, and Ambient IoT 

    Steve Statler | Chief Marketing Officer, Wiliot
    Jeanne Duckett | Senior Manager, Food Technology Solutions Design, Avery Dennison
    Julie McGill | VP of Supply Chain Strategy & Insights, Trustwell  

    Food companies are taking supply chain visibility to the next level, implementing new technologies to enable traceability, product provenance, inventory accuracy, and operational efficiencies. Our panel of experts will discuss the progress of the food industry in the use of barcodes and scanning technologies, and the frictionless revolution that is underway, including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), ambient IoT, and vision software.  

    Expanding Internationally: How Whole Foods Market Launched Recalls in Their UK Stores 

    Brandon Gallenstein | Senior Business Process Improvement Analyst, Whole Foods Market

    After the successful implementation of FoodLogiQ Recall in U.S. stores, discover how Whole Foods Market expanded their use of FoodLogiQ Recall in their international market, how recalls differ internationally, and why software is an essential part of the plan when expanding overseas. Gain insights into the strategies they employed to ensure food safety and compliance on a global scale. Join us for an engaging session that delves into the intricacies of international expansion with one of the industry's most trusted brands.

    Global Food Systems & Building an International Foods Safety Brand

    Sara Bratager | Food Traceability & Food Safety Scientist, Institute of Food Technologists 
    Julie McGill | VP of Supply Chain Strategy & Insights, Trustwell  

    The global food supply chain is likely to see monumental changes in the coming years as countries establish better traceability regulations to enhance global food safety efforts. IFT scientist, Sara Bratager, will dive into how brands can enhance food safety, expand efforts internationally, and create an intentional brand focused on transparency through the use of traceability technology.

    Navigating the Nutritional Landscape: The Vital Role of Accurate Nutrition Analysis in Food Menus

    Jodie Worrell | Senior Nutrition Consultant, Chick-fil-A
    Lydia Adams | VP of Marketing, Trustwell   

    Join Jodie Worrell, the Nutrition Manager at Chick-fil-A, for an engaging discussion on the critical significance of precise nutrition analysis for food menu items. As customers become even more health-conscious, dietary restrictions are prevalent, and regulatory scrutiny is growing, the accurate representation of nutrition information is paramount. Jodie will share insights from her experience as a nutrition expert in the food industry, shedding light on the science behind nutrition analysis, the regulatory challenges faced by food establishments, and the ever-evolving world of food technology. 



    DAY 2: October 11, 2023

    The Future of Food Safety  

    1:00 ET LIVE Keynote and Q&A Discussion – The State of Food Safety Today: How Far We’ve Come & What’s Next 

    Darin Detwiler | CEODetwiler Consulting
    Bill Marler | Managing Partner, Marler Clark LLP, PS
    Katy Jones | Chief Customer Officer, Trustwell 

    In this live Q&A, industry experts Darin Detwiler, Bill Marler, and Katy Jones will look at the past 30 years and discuss how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go on the mission to provide safe and healthy food for all. We will discuss our guests' participation in Netflix’s Poisoned documentary and focus on the drivers we need to make food safer and the tools we can work on together to get there. 

    2:00 ET – Fall Release Webinar & LIVE Q&A (for Trustwell Customers Only)

    Todd Dolinksy | Chief Product Officer, Trustwell
    Katy Jones | Chief Customer Officer, Trustwell 

    Exclusive to Trustwell customers, join us as we roll out our software improvements and features with a first look at what’s new in both FoodLogiQ and Genesis. 

    2:00 ET – Trustwell Connect: Introduction to Our Full Suite of Products, From Recipes to Recalls 

    Camille Ampey | Product Manager, Trustwell
    Laura Petersen | Product Marketing Manager, Trustwell

    Discover more about our product lines across FoodLogiQ and Genesis, and how our tech solutions are changing the face of the food industry. Find out how Genesis and FoodLogiQ work together to take an ingredient from recipe formation to labeling all the way to tracing, compliance, and recall. This quick overview will explain how we help our customers achieve their goals with a high-level view of each of our product offerings. 


    On-Demand Sessions

    Navigating the Regulatory Maze: Insights into Food Labeling Regulations 

    Liz Salvo | VP of Regulatory & Consulting, Trustwell 
    Megan Murphy | Labeling & Regulatory Consultant, Trustwell 
    Lydia Adams | VP of Marketing, Trustwell

    As Nutrition Fact panels, nutritional information, and allergen statements continue to evolve, consumers and food companies need to understand these changes, and how it affects their products. Staying on top of new regulations and requirements can be challenging. Hear from Trustwell’s food labeling experts as they walk through key regulations and a few that we’re following on Capitol Hill.   

    FSMA 204's Final Rule: A Look Ahead with Industry Experts

    Max Braun | Partner Experience, Supply Chain, Chick-fil-A
    Brando Tijerina | Senior Manager of Quality Assurance, Taco John's
    Julie McGill | VP of Supply Chain Strategy & Insights, Trustwell  

    The FDA’s much-anticipated final version of Food Traceability Final Rule impacts organizations in the entire domestic food supply chain and foreign companies producing food for the U.S. market. Tracing products and their ingredients has long been an important tool for the food industry to identify the root cause of product defects, food safety, and quality failures. In this session, hear from industry stakeholders who are in the midst of discovery. What are they seeing? What are they hearing? And how are they approaching the traceability rule?

    Building Robust Food Safety Culture and Systems  

    John Zimmermann | VP & QA Food Safety, First Watch 

    Creating and building a robust food safety management system is an evolution. John Zimmerman, VP, QA & Food Safety from First Watch will discuss key design principles of their multi-factored approach, including accountability, consistent execution, awareness and training, proactive food safety plans, and a commitment to food safety that is woven into their organizational culture.   

    Preparedness in Recall & Product Withdrawal: Navigating Recalls on an International Scale

    Natalja Page | Head of Technical & QA, Five Guys
    Manuel Perez | Supply Chain and QA/QC Manager, Five Guys International
    Courtney Cucchiara | Director of Customer Success, Trustwell

    The best recall response is only possible with proactive planning and practice. Join Natalja Page and Manuel Perez in a discussion around the importance of mock recalls to help ensure quick and effective response when it matters most, and how Five Guys is harnessing FoodLogiQ Recall to manage withdrawals and expand response operations across international locations. 

    Restaurant Labeling is Back: How You Can Prepare Now to Meet the Deadline

    Patrick Guzzle | Vice President of Food Science & Industry, National Restaurant Association

    Restaurants across the nation have faced unique challenges over the pandemic, and as the public health emergency comes to a close, the FDA has its sights on re-enforcing restaurant menu labeling regulations. Join our hosts in a discussion about the return of menu labeling by November 7, 2023, and how leveraging technology for compliance and customer experience can help.



    DAY 3: October 12, 2023

    Innovation In the Food Industry 

    1:00 ET LIVE Keynote – Mastering Supplier Management & Quality in Meal Kit Delivery on a Global Scale: Leveraging Data and Automation for Success  

    Zoe Richards | Business Solutions Director, Trustwell

    Join us in the third and final LIVE keynote with Zoe Richards, Business Solutions Director of Trustwell and former Associate Director - Supplier Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance at Hello Fresh for an enlightening session that delves into the intricate world of supplier management and quality within the global meal kit delivery space. In an era where customer expectations are soaring, and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, it's crucial to act smarter, harness the power of data, and establish a blueprint for maintaining impeccable quality standards. Zoe will share her experience and tips for success in using data-driven decision-making and strategic automation to maintain high customer trust across specifications, ingredients, packaging, nutrition, and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to stay ahead of the industry curve, overcome challenges, and delight your customers.


    Katy Jones | Chief Customer Officer, Trustwell 

    Join us as we close out the sixth annual reCONNECT Trustwell user conference and wrap up three days of insightful sessions, prior to moving on to our on-demand content to complete the day.


    On-Demand Sessions

    Leadership Buy-in: Building a Business Case for Technology 

    Jeremy Schneider | VP of Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Salad and Go 

    When it comes to investing in technology, it’s a big decision. Find out how to create a business case to make your job easier while enacting efficiency and sharing ROI. In this session, Jeremy will share how Salad and Go adopted technology across the organization, proved the value of tech solutions, and focused on results in this one-on-one Q&A with Trustwell. 

    The Easy Button: How Specright & Genesis Work Together to Seamlessly Bring Products to Market 

    Matthew Wright | CEO, Specright
    Lydia Adams | VP of Marketing, Trustwell

    With increasing FDA regulations and frequency of product changes and reformulations, an end-to-end digital solution for food labeling is critical. The recent partnership between Specright and Trustwell allows users of both Trustwell’s Genesis Foods and Specright to move ingredients through the entire process of label creation. But how does it work? In this session, Lydia Adams VP of Marketing at Trustwell, and Specright CEO, Matthew Wright will not only show how the products work together but also discuss how users can get the most out of both experiences and go to market faster with reliable nutrition, data, and packaging for all their products.  

    A “Phygital” Approach to Resilient Supply Chains 

    Melanie Nuce-Hilton | SVP of Innovation & Partnerships, GS1 US 

    Supply chains are a delicate balance of operations, data exchange, and product availability. Global food systems have faced a number of challenges and disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, labor shortages, overwhelmed legacy systems, and mounting regulatory requirements. Successful companies need a blend of physical and digital tools to build resilient supply chains that can meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s opportunities. Learn how companies are “unlocking” data value through automation and enhanced supply chain visibility.  

    Guarding the Gate: Cybersecurity's Crucial Role in the Food Industry

    Kristin Demoranville | CEO & Founder, AnzenSage 
    Katy Jones | Chief Customer Officer, Trustwell 

    Join us for an enlightening session featuring Kristin Demoranville, CEO & Founder of AnzenSage, and Katy Jones, Chief Customer Officer, as they discuss the importance of cybersecurity in the food industry. In an era where technology intertwines with every aspect of food production, distribution, and consumption, safeguarding our food supply chains from cyber threats has never been more critical. Demoranville, a renowned cybersecurity expert, will share her invaluable insights and expertise on the evolving cybersecurity landscape within the food sector. Discover the potential risks, vulnerabilities, and the consequences of cyberattacks on food systems. Learn how a proactive cybersecurity approach can not only protect consumer safety but also preserve the integrity of food businesses. 

    The Role of Food Labeling in Empowering Informed Food Choices

    Rishi Banerjee | Senior Director, Consumer Brands Association
    Katy Jones | Chief Customer Officer, Trustwell 

    In this engaging session with Rishi Banerjee and Katy Jones, we delve into the vital role of food labeling in meeting consumers' insatiable appetite for information about the products they consume. Discover how SmartLabel technology not only enhances food transparency but also empowers consumers to make informed choices. Explore the demands of today's conscious consumers and learn how enhanced labeling has become an essential tool for delivering detailed information on ingredients, nutrition facts, sourcing, sustainability, and allergens.


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